A couple went to a shelter to adopt a cat, but she refused to give up her closest friend, and they ended up adopting both of them

Lucy and Louie met at a shelter. Lucy clung to Louie and refused to let go, despite the fact that he was a loner. As a consequence, their lovely friendship blossomed.

Before meeting these two best friends, Jones and his fiancée went to a shelter in search of a puppy, but instead returned home with two cats.

‘We forgot we live in an apartment and work full-time when we started hunting for the puppy.’

‘We don’t spend a lot of time at home since the dogs demand a lot more attention,’ Jones adds. ‘As a consequence, we determined that adopting a cat was the best solution.’

‘My girlfriend fell in love with Lucy the moment she saw her.’ We took some time to think about things and returned two weeks later. Lucy had not gone missing.’

Lucy, on the other hand, was anxious that she would not go without her best friend. As a result, the couple decided to bring Louie with them, although for a short while. As a result, Lucy can quickly adapt to new surroundings.

A few hours after people and cats arrived at their house, it became clear that the two furry companions could not be parted.

They are two parts of one whole, and their connection is extraordinarily strong. Louie immediately established himself as an integral part of the family. That implies that the best friends will never have to say good-bye!

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