A british man invests $300,000 in cosmetic procedures to look like the member of a Korean boy band he adores

This man was in love with lead singer Jimin. Over the past five years, he has spent time modeling himself after his favorite musician.

When Oli, 28, first heard about K-pop boy bands while he was living in Korea, he was ‘amazed by all of them’ right away.

He stated, Because I consider the lead singer to be perfect, I want them to be the center of all I do and my entire appearance to reflect that.

He elaborated: They all have the appearance of dolls, and I adore images like that.

Oli believes that when he was a teenager, he experienced challenges about his appearance.

His doc stated, There are some clients you can’t please. They are consumers.

They switch from one cosmetics company to another and from doctor to doctor. We decline them because we are unable to achieve that attainable goal.

Even though his friends have given him bad advice, Oli is passionate about continuing his quest to follow his lovely hero, adding, Even though I’m only 28 years old, I’m sure that many people will say that you’re too young to do anything.

I want to appear like a doll, like Jimin, rather than a normal person.

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