You’ll be moved by the twin daughters’ surprise for their stepmother

Your heart will soften when you see Gaby and Julia’s surprise for their stepmother Brianne. Brianne is seen by girls as a fated gift.

They are appreciative of the wonderful mother she was and continues to be for them.

They also made the decision to surprise her on Mother’s Day. They choose not to present a material gift.

After all, they could not truly show their love with flowers, clothing, and other gifts.

As a result, the girls debated for a while on what to give as a gift before having an amazing thought.

On the last page of the family photo book they included a request. Whether Brianne was willing to adopt them as her own children was specified in the request.

Brianne sat over the table with emotions at that precise moment. She was speechless. She only gave a quick nod before taking up a pen to sign.

These documents weren’t just made-up. Real documents that will enable them to begin the adoption process have been prepared by the girls.

Whether you are your children’s biological or adoptive mother is unimportant. What you provide these kids really counts.

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