You’ll be astounded by the 23-year-old brave girl’s adoption of 13 Ugandan daughters

July is the name of this brave and strong girl. At the age of 22, she dropped out of college and took in 13 children from Africa who had been left by their parents. After school, July set out on her trip across Africa.

She was able to observe people and children there who were living in bad circumstances.

Upon returning to her home in America, the girl attempted to lead a normal life, but she was unable because July’s thoughts continued to be consumed by those of Uganda and its people.

She quickly made the decision to go back there just as a volunteer.

July’s parents became the foundation’s initial sponsors, contributing to the education, health, and nourishment of African youngsters.

The brave girl was able to gain custody of 13 African girls while she was living there. In addition, July found love there.

A man traveled to Africa on a humanitarian trip. Thanks to shared interests, young people grew closer and soon got married.

The family now includes up to 15 kids after the couple had two additional children of their own in addition to the 13 adoptive children.

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