Woman turns 100 and finds ‘Perfect match’ with a cute chihuahua senior aged 11

Now that Johana has a new canine companion living with her, her life is complete once more.

Growing up in Germany, Johana was unlucky to own a dog.

As a result, the centenarian made sure to spend her remaining years surrounded by several canine companions.

The woman once shared eight dogs with her late husband.

She was therefore a little concerned after losing her last dog, Rocky, and being left alone in her house without a companion.

She questioned whether the shelter would permit a person her age to adopt a second dog.

Considering that her rescue could be useful, a neighbor who helps with a rescue company offered it.

She was considered to be the ideal match for one of their older dogs by the shelter.

She ultimately decided to adopt Ginger.

Ginger was rescued from an environment where the owner was housing 22 pets.

Ginger was so delighted to be the only privileged dog in his home.

They have agreed to see to it that Ginger gets around regularly and that all of his needs are met. Nice, isn’t it?

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