Woman lost 100 pounds and realized her childhood dream of becoming a real Barbie

Kayila is a young girl who has always enjoyed playing with Barbie. She continued to be interested in these renowned dolls into adulthood.

However, her appearance did not match the image that many girls aspire to.

The woman once made the decision to lose those extra pounds in order to transform her life and herself forever.

She has a beautiful body that looks like a doll’s figure even now. She was able to make these changes in her dream.

It turned out that everything wasn’t as hard as it seemed at first.

Kayila has enjoyed Barbie since she was a child. Her collection included approximately 200 dolls.

These specimens are now a part of her home’s furnishings, and the house’s interior design is reminiscent of a dollhouse.

Kayila declares, ‘My relatives gave me a lot of Barbie dolls so that I would have an incentive to put my figure in order.’

She was able to lose almost fifteen kilograms by changing her diet. The girl was able to deal with the unwanted weight thanks to this.

She also started participating in sports and eating a healthy diet at the same time.

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