Woman believes she is only carrying twins, but her case is actually one in four billion pregnancies every year

The idea that they would have two, and potentially three, kids made this couple happy.

They had been anticipating having a child for so long that they saw it as a reward.

The doctor speculated there might be 5 kids based on the ultrasound’s findings.

The doctor reexamined her while Liana was still in surprise and admitted that he was mistaken. Six children were present.

The parents watched the screen in amazement. At once, six children!

The couple debated for a while before deciding to give each of the six children a chance.

The doctors committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of every child.

To ensure a successful pregnancy and delivery, the entire hospital staff spent every penny and exerted every effort.

35 staff members met in the delivery room on April 23, 2012. Both the parents and the entire medical team were anticipating the upcoming birth.

However, the birth happened soon. The infants were born 4 minutes later. Each infant weighed no more than one kilogram.

The mother was given immediate access to see and touch her children. For the joy of being a mother, Liana expressed gratitude to the doctors.

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