With his remarkable hair, this 2-month-old baby created a sensation, and the pictures quickly went viral

At just nine weeks old, Dimo’s little head is now entirely covered with long hair.

There is so much of it that his mother even has to use a styling product to dry the boy’s hair after a bath.

Additionally, a young mother goes shopping.

If you can read this writing, someone has already taken this item, and if they have Dimo with them, it will take just twice as long because everyone who passes by them wants to get to know them.

If the boy has such hair now, what will happen in a year or two, we still can’t stop wondering.

The hospital personnel even gave the baby Dimo the nickname ‘teddy bear.’

The child was born with a lot of hair, according to his 32-year-old hairstylist mother.

But she didn’t notice how impressive her son’s hair appeared until after the first bath.

‘Almost everyone who passes us when I’m shopping with Dimo quickly turns their cart around to approach us, says hello, and says something along these lines.

And everyone is initially attracted to touch them. My son even grins when this happens, as if he doesn’t care.

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