With an odd request, Prince Harry turned to his former gfs: They politely declined after being taken aback

The specifics of the couple’s personal lives have always been treated with particular trepidation by the couple.

Couple decided to relocate to the United States to live in part because of this. The couple stated that they hoped that numerous fans and journalists would ignore them.

That was not the case, however. The United States has almost as many paparazzi as the United Kingdom.

It turned out that the prince sought assistance from his ex-girlfriend in order to write his memoirs.

The memoir has undoubtedly become a best seller. However, as previously stated, this is only one of the prince’s planned books.

Additionally, journalists recently discovered a fascinating fact. It turned out that the prince asked his ex-girlfriends for help in order to write his memoirs.

According to insiders, both of his friends and former gfs were taken aback by his request and politely declined it.

Moreover, this is not even remotely surprising. Because the prince could easily stop talking to someone in a normal situation if he talked about his personal life in public.

He is known to have a very good relationship with both of his ex-girlfriends.

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