Wild rabbit leaves its nest to go see the person who rescued and raised her

Maria Smith from Atlanta discovered a little rabbit crawling on straw in her backyard. After searching the area, the girl came into a nest of rabbits that held two further cubs.

This would be the last time she resolved as she gave the rabbit she was holding back to the nest.

However, it was gone. The cubs appeared worse than they did the previous night while they were still in the nest the following morning.

Maria assumed that their mother had never been back to feed them.

The following day, the rabbit refused to visit the cubs either. The young woman then brought the rabbits home and started caring for them.

She fed them kitten formula she had purchased. She then started taking the bunny outside on occasion to introduce her to nature.

The rabbit quickly grew accustomed to and started to trust her rescuer.

Maria was aware that the rabbit would eventually need to be released back into the wild.

She then started allowing

Honey to go outside more frequently.

The rabbit, who just turned two, hasn’t forgotten the young woman who rescued her life, though, and now occasionally goes outside of her nest to see her.

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