While flying, Higgy gets bored and starts to amuse the other passengers and the owner

The dog named Higgy traveled on his very first flight with his owner Alice. Higgy is naturally quite inquisitive and active.

He quickly grew bored with just sitting in the cabin, so he began acting silly, which made the other passengers laugh.

As soon as he boarded the aircraft, Higgy started acting as though he wanted Alice to pay him more attention.

However, the puppy quickly grew tired of interacting with the owner. especially with so many strange things nearby.

The curious being made the choice to leave Alice and move in the direction of the man occupying the seat in front of her.

Such behavior did not concern the passenger in the slightest. Instead, he was delighted to welcome his fluffy new neighbor.

The friendly dog quickly gained the man’s sympathies and, in a short while, came to see him as his best buddy.

At the same time, Higgy rejected the owner’s pleas for him to go back home. Alice took pictures of her dog.

The dog’s owner posted the pictures on Facebook in response to the passengers’ reactions.

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