When the owners build a unique glass in the fence so the dog can view the world, he is happy

Alex is the owner of this inquisitive small puppy.

She noticed her dog had paint in his hair one day and then realized her dog had been poking his head through a fence, watching street dogs pass by.

She stated that a recent storm had destroyed their backyard fence, and her father had erected a new one.

However, when the fence was being built, the area between the pickets unexpectedly opened up, allowing the dog to see the world outside his backyard like he had never seen before.

Because her dog was so attracted by the outside world, the lady claims she offered to her father that a glass be installed in the new fence so the dog could continue to gaze out.

Building a bespoke hole for your dog’s happiness is surely going above and beyond, but it was evident that the work was worthwhile: he enjoys his new viewing location a lot.

‘He waits outside for hours and only comes in when we call him,’ she explains.

‘Seeing him see the world go by surely makes us smile.’ What a thoughtful gift for this thankful little puppy.

It’s evident that he enjoys his private observation point, where he can gaze out the window at the world beyond his garden.

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