When the man returned after helping the owl, the bird had come to him and given him a hug

Rupert was able to get the owl back on the wing after she was taken to the veterinarian. The man then had to go to work.

After visiting the reserve again a few months later, the very same bird flew over to the man and gave him a wing hug while the workers of the center recorded the entire event.

One of the top vets at the shelter is known as Rupert. In actuality, the man is not only knowledgeable about birds but also adept at forming relationships with them.

There was nearly no chance, but Rupert performed the extraordinary, and the owl was able to regain its ability to fly.

She continued to reside on the grounds of a small reserve next to the center’s building since she had a strong sense of human trust.

Rupert frequently received visits from Gina, but one day he had to leave for work.

A few months later, when the vet came back, an owl almost instantly flew in through the open window.

Gina danced on the table before physically hugging Rupert with her wings, according to the employees at the center.

The bird will never forget its rescuer.

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