When she was 60 years old, this woman had a child: how her already seven-year-old daughter lives

This story surprised the entire nation in 2015. At the age of 60, Winter became a mother.

The woman’s first committed relationship began when she was young.

After their marriage, the couple soon welcomed a son into the world.

However, things shifted so rapidly that the couple parted, and Winter took on the responsibility of raising the boy alone.

She meets a man who is 8 years her junior when she is 50. It was out of love that the couple began dating. Winter didn’t think her luck would hold.

The father helped his child in every way he could. He soon makes a wife a marriage proposal, and they marry.

However, they started to consider having kids in the future. She thankfully continued and gave birth to a healthy daughter.

On January 16, 2015, the infant was born. Winter and her family were even asked on the TV show when this tale went viral and attracted the curiosity of the media.

She’s now seven years old. She has a great personality and is energetic. She has no concern whatsoever about her parents’ advanced age right now.

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