When given the chance to adopt a pet, he decides on a large 10-year-old cat with family aspirations

Because they are adorable and entertaining, animals are beloved by kids, who can easily form a special attachment with them.

When a little youngster in Canada asked his parents for a pet, they eventually agreed.

However, when they visited the adoption center, they were attracted by a small animal and ended up choosing it, surprising everyone.

Felix, a young Canadian, had a pet at home, according to his mother.

He was overcome with emotion when he heard this and desired the time would arrive quickly so he could view potential prospects.

He searched for animals along with his mother.

Felix was stunned by the number of cute small animals and carefully investigated each dog and kitten presented one by one.

But then Tin, a large 10-year-old cat, attracted his attention.

The two decided to pick one another at the same time because of anything that occurred.

After his caregiver could no longer care for him, the adult cat was sent to the shelter with his sister so he might find a new family.

Nothing more needed to be said; Felix was overjoyed with his new friend and the big cat would now have a new home.

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