When age is no challenge: a stunning old woman wins beauty contests

You don’t have to be a movie star to appear stylish as an adult. Dina, a lovely lady, appears to be thirty-five years old, but she is actually sixty-one.

Dina enthusiastically shares her youth’s secret: she doesn’t waste time sitting in the doorway chatting about TV shows; instead, she attends yoga courses, and enjoys strolling.

Swimming is her favorite pastime. She only eats super healthy stuff and has cottage cheese for dinner every night.

Her key secret to beauty is fashion. As Dina points out, you must obtain enough sleep, go to bed early, and rise at six a.m.

Dina also runs her own beauty business, where she provides manicures to elderly individuals who cannot afford them.

And if you’d told her three years ago that she’d be a model, she wouldn’t have believed it for the world.

Dina initially refused to participate in the show, but after convincing her daughter, she agreed to go. And it was not in vain that she was named the most charming granny.

She now believes otherwise; she has already applied to engage in other fashion shows; she is serious and will undoubtedly win.

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