When actor Johnny Depp accused her of assault, director Malwenn did not hesitate to respond

Malwenn asked Johnny Depp for help with her next movie a few months ago.

However, the filmmaker had a terrifying time during the entire shoot with the American media star.

A funny thing happened between the two artists while filming.

First of all, you need to be aware that they have earned a reputation for having particular and ridiculous requirements when working on film sets.

Malwenn came to realize over time that American actors always have a team of dedicated people around them who always meet their needs.

Then to add that in the United States, actors, not directors, decide how their roles are interpreted.

During shooting, an entertaining occurrence occurred between the two specialists. ‘

I answered by saying that a typical practice is done as often as possible by everybody.

This is because French people are accustomed to acting in this manner both in France and on film sets.

This was Malwenn’s expected reaction in the wake of thumping on the entryway of his changing area to request that he come work on the set since he was late.

He stated that the gesture deeply offended him.

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