When a small kitten was adopted from a shelter, he quickly grew to the size of a dog and continued to expand

Dina brought a plain-appearing white kitten home with her family. But the pet started to grow constantly.

The cat grew too big after a few months, so the woman was required to pay attention to certain quirks in his development.

Dina eventually just entered the kitchen and as soon as she saw the cat standing on his hind legs and obviously larger than a dog, she understood the severity of the situation.

Pictures of Dina’s pet rapidly went viral online, and several media sources interviewed the woman about her peculiar cat.

Dina claimed that she previously adopted him from a shelter when he was a little kitten. But things immediately started to change.

The kitten immediately put on weight and grew in the home of its devoted owners.

It consequently proved to be a pure Maine Coon and one of the biggest examples of the breed.

Dina didn’t initially notice the cat’s size as he expanded over time.

Despite its size, the animal is calm. Would you like to have such a big cat? Please, let us know in the comments.

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