When a monkey was employed as a server, the restaurant—which had previously been consistently empty—became well-known

Due to a lack of customers, the proprietor of a Japanese restaurant was thinking about closing the business.

He attempted to put a monkey as a waiter one of the last days as a joke. The owner was surprised to learn that the monkey knew exactly what to do.

The Tavern is designed to resemble a typical rice house in Japan.

Unpopularity of the establishment is explained by the frequency of comparable businesses, especially in small communities. With the introduction of the monkey, everything changed. Yet-chan.

Yet-chan, who is 16 years old, was given to the business’s proprietor by a friend.

He frequently brought the monkey to work with him, and it appears that a clever animal acquired work skills from the servers at the restaurant.

I initially offered her easy duties.

Take menus and napkins. However, Now Yet-chan serves food and accepts visitors’ orders on unique order forms, they said reporters.

This marketing scheme assisted the restaurant in becoming well-known in addition to helping it.

Visitors come to the establishment from all across the nation to check out the odd waitstaff.

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