When a man asked his wife to take a picture near the water, they were surprised to see what was in the background

An average photo session can occasionally end up being a delightful surprise that you could not have predicted.

So it went with a married Florida couple.

When Mery and her husband Dan decided to do a quick picture session to take a photograph of a pregnant mother for a family photo album, Mery was already nine months along.

The pair discussed and came to the conclusion that shooting near the seaside was the most beautiful thing.

Mery started posing with her stunning belly as soon as they arrived at the shore. She was stunning against the background of the waves.

But the pair was in for a huge surprise when they got home and started looking at the pictures on the computer screen!

The pair saw a dolphin in one of the photos who appeared to be waiting patiently for the right moment to leap out of the water.

This was seen as a positive by the future mother. And the image that was uploaded to the Internet spread quickly over the network and garnered a lot of good feedback.

After some time had passed, the couple gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Philip.

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