When a large whale shoved a woman with his nose, he managed to rescue her in that way

The biologist Nano Wild is 65 years old. One day, a woman dove headfirst into the ocean with her coworkers.

At that time, biologists researched the Pacific coast’s role in whale migration.

Nano was already submerged in the water, and colleagues from the Center were using drones to monitor her from the shore.

The woman has been diving for many years and has never encountered a circumstance where her life is at risk.

She has a lot of expertise and is well aware that the key to communicating with whales is to avoid touching them and to maintain as much calmness as you can.

And for the first time, she experienced severe worry when a massive whale carcass swam up from the water column and quickly approached her.

Without pausing, the whale approached her and got quite near. Nano was already running low on oxygen when another whale swam up and started waving its enormous tail in the water.

The seemingly endless 10 minutes came to a close when the whale drove her shore with a powerful impact. The shocked coworkers.

They instantly took up the woman and felt a mixture of tenderness and comfort.

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