What their daughters look like: the girl is seen as beautiful, while the husband is not particularly gorgeous

The young Korean couple has been blissfully married for four years despite several stories to the contrary.

They already have two lovely kids, but they intend to have more. However, the public is upset and thinks that such a beautiful girl is not a match for a spouse who is so commonplace. Lucile resembles a doll in look.

Dio, however, is not blessed with such extraordinary information.

Nevertheless, the young people continued to get married despite this.

The couple is raising two girls and is also content together. The surprised individuals assumed that Lucile had married for her husband’s fortune after observing the newlywed’s appearance.

Later on, it was discovered that the girl was even wealthier than Dio. The only difference is that their love surpasses conventions.

The first daughter of Lucile and Dio was born in 2016. She has a very attractive face, huge eyes, and wavy hair.

In 2018, the second girl was born. She also has lovely facial features and eyes that are highly expressive.

Dio has started a business and is now making a lot more money than previously.

They thereby demonstrated to the entire world that true love is independent of appearance.

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