What the Clemens sisters look like today and what they do as ‘the most beautiful twins in the world’

The twins’ mother, Ava Clemens, had the concept for their career from the beginning.

Girls had not even reached their first birthday when Jaquelin Clemens claims she initially accepted a contract with a modeling agency.

The twins’ older brother, however, made taking care of three young children, many trips to the photo session , and numerous business meetings too taxing.

Girls were 7 years old when Jaquelin tried again.

The twins greatly appreciated the suggestion that she made to diversify their interests outside of swimming and dancing by trying their hand at modeling.

Then everything changed for the better. In just one year, the Clemens family’s life has undergone a significant transformation.

Jaquelin started by contacting the organizations she had previously worked with six years prior; they were all delighted to hear from the beautiful twins.

The girls are now established models. Even Barbie signed a contract with them.

Jaquelin is certain that ‘the girls themselves will decide what they want in the future,’ and that ‘it was not my decision, but theirs.’

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