Wedding dress after 70 years: a 94 years old woman’s aspirations are realized

In 1952, Viola realized her ambition when wed the love of her life.

Nothing could stand in the way of their love back then, although there were misconceptions that their union was unworthy of celebration.

At the time, black people were not allowed to mix with white people.

They were thought to have no right to this because they weren’t treated equally. Although Viola did not wear a bridal gown, she nonetheless got married to her spouse.

For many years, Viola dreamed of strolling arm in arm with her beloved while wearing a lovely white dress.

Viola saw a movie with her grandchild after 70 years. She mentioned to her granddaughter that she had always imagined wearing a dress as lovely as the snow-white one in the wedding scene. since she did not have such a chance when she got married.

The granddaughter made the decision to carry out her grandmother’s wish.

She scheduled a visit to the bridal shop for her grandma. According to her granddaughter, her grandma is 100 times more energetic than she is.

‘I couldn’t recognize myself when I glanced in the mirror! I was delighted! Viola declares.

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