View the inside of a residence where there are more than 1,000 cats

In order to provide the cats with a little extra room, she really ‘moved out’ of one of her bedrooms.

People have a perception of what a cat lover looks like, but this is unquestionably an exception.

Meet Lea, a self-described ‘cat lady’ with a great heart for our cuddly feline companions.

She spent the most of her life helping animals and rescuing as many animals as she could, but she was also aware that countless animals still live outside.

She made the decision to let a large group of stray cats into her spacious 4,200-square-foot home as a result.

In actuality, she is currently home to over a thousand cats! There are cats all over the place.

Lea loves to stay in the small trailer in her yard even though the house has five bedrooms.

She is therefore accompanied by cats and lives near nature.

Numerous cats’ lives have improved because of the shelter over the years.

Since the group first began production over three decades ago, they believe they have assisted close to 30,000 of these felines. What a dream!

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