Victoria Beckham finally provided an explanation for the removal of the husband-themed tattoo

One of the world’s strongest and most well-known couples is Victoria and her husband.

However, there are persistent rumors that the couple is about to get divorced, and some Internet users even assert that the couple has not actually lived together for a significant amount of time.

She made the decision to maintain the appearance of an ideal marriage even though, at one point, she was simply fed up with her husband’s incessant side trips.

For instance, her fans noticed last month that she had removed a tattoo on her wrist that was devoted to her husband.

She, on the other hand, elaborated on the real reasoning behind this choice in a recent episode of the Today show.

The time has come for the spouse to have a tattoo. Furthermore, there are no feelings for him. Simply put, she did not enjoy the tattoo itself.

She refuted the report of the impending divorce and explained, ‘This was the only thing that influenced my decision.’

She also emphasized that she was pleased with the tattoos on her husband and children’s bodies. These tattoos, in her opinion, look much better than the ones she had.

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