Verla Wong, a fashion star, is 73 years old, which is hard to believe given how gorgeous she is

The renowned, timeless designer displayed her stunning, lean physique.

Verla Wong recently turned 73, which is incredible given how brilliant she is!

In each image that she uploads to her Instagram feed, the woman demonstrates this.

Verla organized a joyful party for her birthday and showed up there dressed as a stunning female. She wore a glittery skirt and a pink blouse.

The fashion designer proudly displayed her enviable physique and slim figure. With perfectly straight hair that had pink highlights, she completed the look.

Our heroine had a diamond tiara in her hair. She wore rings with pink stones on her hands and a necklace with a pendant around her neck.

Another adorable pink costume that Wong wore to the party was a dress with small shorts underneath. She wore high heels with it.

At the party, Verla and her guests danced, sang karaoke, and consumed a sizable silver cake topped with pink roses.

Not only is our hero a wonderfully attractive woman, but she also had great success in business.

Verla was listed as the 29th richest and most accomplished woman in America by Forbes at the age of 66.

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