Using a hand-drawn map of his memories, a man was able to locate his real parents after 37 years

Over the course of more than two decades, a Chinese resident set out to locate his biological mother with the assistance of a hand-made map.

A 37-year-old man claims that he was taken and given to a family looking for a child.

Despite the story, Lee – that’s the name of the man – grew up in an excellent family and received parental attention.

But he was unable to live in peace throughout his life because of flashbacks to the past.

They made the decision to tell him the truth when he told them about his memories.

The man decided to locate his biological parents despite the fact that he could not recall the city or any other obvious details.

Lee drew a map that showed the landscape and the approximate locations of the houses.

After he posted it online, Internet users and the police in the area assisted the man in finding a similar location.

Additionally, they were able to locate a woman who fit the description. It was, as the DNA test demonstrated, Lin’s biological mother.

In order to reconcile with his real parents and gain a complete understanding of those events, the man will personally meet them.

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