Upon learning that a US family has adopted a Chinese daughter, one of the girl’s photo’s details inspires the family’s neighbors to act quickly

David and Helen were left when they were just a few months old. They were quite close even though they weren’t siblings.

In the picture, they are always together, smiling, and holding hands.

Helen was upset that she would never see David again after learning that she had been adopted by a US family.

Unfortunately, Helen went to the US while David remained in China. The new parents of Helen were a couple.

The couple received a photo showing Helen continually standing by the boy. Then the neighboring family made the decision to help Helen’s buddy.

Helen had moved to Texas, but her heart still belonged to China.

They chose to adopt the youngster. Three of the family’s children were under the age of five.

With four young children, they realized it would be challenging, yet they persisted in wanting to raise David.

They really desired for David and Helen to reconcile. Three-year-old David met his family when he stepped off the plane.

He then realized that his dear friend was rushing in his direction. He was received at the airport by Helen. They ran toward one another while giggling and hugging.

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