Unhappy cat with a missing ear greets people in order to find another home

It’s a shame that no one needs a little cat with a genetic flaw. These cats have the best characters, and they are enthusiastic and loving. Look into Hoppy, for example.

The 9-month-old kitten was born without an ear and was left at the sanctuary because his family could no longer take care of him.

The shelter struggled to find the right home for the Hoppy, and months passed without a match.

Hoppy, on the other hand, would not be discouraged by this. The kitty began to greet each and every person who came to see him.

It was perplexing from the start, but it quickly became clear that Hoppy was attempting to find a home.

Hoppy wasted no time in getting to know the workers and anyone who came by to say hello.

A couple from Alaska couldn’t get enough of the kitty. They were captivated by Hoppy’s vibe and adopted him immediately after looking at many little cats.

When they entered the room, he hopped up on his legs and began waving his paws. The pair couldn’t care less about an ear; in fact, they thought it was a distinguishing feature.

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