Unexpected visitors: A young child surprises his mother by bringing home a new companion

Kids often do things that surprise people, but this time it was absolutely unexpected.

Can you picture an unexpected guest coming to this 4-year-old boy’s house?

The unexpected arrival of a new acquaintance at home by a little youngster surprised his mother.

Isn’t it like a fairy tale? This was probably seen by Stefania while on vacation.

Stefania had no idea what was actually going on when she opened the door and saw her 4-year-old son Dima carrying a deer.

The woman decided to record the scene despite being surprised by it.

Dima wanted to show his mother what he had learned, so they both headed for the door.

‘I was in awe. No way. Just according to Stefania, who spoke with ABC, ‘I believed it wasn’t real; I thought my mind was playing me. It did not fit with who he was. It was peculiar.

The boy’s actions were quite impressive. He appeared to be enjoying himself while using the camera.

Even naming his new partner, Dima. He named the boy after the superhero from comic books. They are now the closest pals.

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