Unaware that she was pregnant, a guy rescues a doggy who gives birth to cute doggies

When Nick saw Ann, who had just been carried to the shelter from the road, his heart fell.

He had no idea that this dog would end up being his new best friend.

He felt motivated to rescue her and committed to take care of Ann at the same time.

Ann was soon inside Nick’s house after the shelter staff and Nick figured out how to complete everything as planned.

Ann was also pregnant, which was later found. No one knew she was pregnant when she first arrived at the shelter.

Although it was a wonderful delight for Nick, he decided to keep Ann at home and agreed to take care of her offspring as well.

Nick and his fiancée Sanna went shopping and purchased the best care for the dogs so they could stay at home.

The halthy puppies, two young females and four young males, were soon born to Ann.

Nick says he absolutely enjoys Ann’s puppies as he deals with them right now. Nick might decide to keep Ann on a permanent basis.

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