Twins who had varied complexion tones when they were born are now 25 and look stunning

We are accustomed to thinking that if they are twins, they must resemble two pieces of water.

Even though they were born looking differently, they could have shared facial traits that make it obvious they are brothers.

But occasionally, nature is beautiful.

The girls always carried birth documents to establish their link because it was just these twins who were not considered to be related.

When the twins were born, their parents weren’t expecting it. They were quite different, after all.

It’s interesting to note that there is a one in 500 chance of having identical twins of different races. It appears that the sisters are exceptional.

There are still other children in the family except the twins, but they all have dark complexion as their mother does, with the exception of Luna, who is one of them all and lighter than even dad.

The sisters do not share the same personality at all, as is typical with children.

However, the girls discover that they have curly hair in common.

However, Luna constantly lines them up because she dislikes this gift from nature.

The sisters are still very close to one another despite their differences.

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