Twin marriage results in two identical families becoming popular on Instagram

The Wests are unquestionably a distinctive family. At a twin event in 2017, identical twins Jonas and John and Lana and Luna first encountered each other.

In a double wedding ceremony a year later, Lana wed Jonas and Luna wed John.

Even more astonishing is the fact that the sisters both gave birth to boys and became pregnant within a short period of time.

Although the two boys are officially cousins, any genetic research would show that they are brothers because both of their parents are identical twins!

The Wests are active on Instagram and regularly astound their 160,000 followers by posting mirror images of the two similar couples.

To see their strange but endearing family, scroll down. You never see an identical pair of twins. The infants born to Lana and Luna were born one month apart.

Although legally cousins, their offspring would be recognized as siblings by any DNA investigation.

More than 160,000 Instagram users enjoy following the lives of the two identical families who make up the Wests.

The Wests posted on Instagram, ‘Sometimes the best things in life come in twos.

The two families reportedly enjoy dressing alike, which makes their pictures even more appealing.

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