Tulip, a 10-month-old kitten, has encountered numerous obstacles in her short life, but she still welcomes each day with a smile

Tulip has faced many challenges in her life, despite her still young lifespan,

and she continues to welcome each day with a smile. On the streets of

Ontario, Canada, the kitten was discovered. When rescuers scooped her up,

she was just around two weeks old.

Tulip had an infection in her eye, but she smiled for the camera when rescuers snapped a picture of her for their website. She had no idea at the time that this particular photograph would aid in the search for her owners.

Jenn and Chris have been looking for a home for Pinecone, their cat, for months. They were startled to see Tulip smiling. It was effective. When the couple came to the shelter to pick up the kitten, they couldn’t believe she kept smiling. It was a case of love at first sight for both of them.

«We fell in love with her appearance and personality the moment we met her.»

«At first, we mistook it for a marketing smile.» However, when we brought her home and began photographing her, we saw that this was a recurring trait of hers. She is usually smiling.»

«I recognize that her smile is a color anomaly to some extent. On the other hand, I want to assume she’s smiling because she realizes how much she’s already been through and overcome in her ten months.»

«She always assures us that everything will work out, no matter how

difficult things appear to be at the time. It’s difficult to fathom our lives

without her. She brought happiness into our lives and into our homes. She

is like a tulip in that she always blooms anew, and I believe she is aware of this.»

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