To rescue the doggy, a teenager carried it 5 kilometers to a veterinarian

Ivann Mayarov, a high school student, was returning home from a friend when he crossed the train.

He had been along this route before, but on this particular day, his gaze was drawn to a cardboard box, and he went to investigate.

A motionless dog lay inside the box. He didn’t think about how she got there; instead, he focused on rescuing her.

The boy dialed the only clinic in town, the veterinarian’s office, despite the fact that the distance was five kilometers.

He took the dog in his arms and carried it to the specialist. She was given the name Fena at the clinic. Vanya later stated that carrying the dog was not easy and that he had to stop several times.

She didn’t even come to her senses during the ride, and her condition was bad. Fena was quickly discharged from the intensive care unit after the boy spent his cash on her treatment.

The will to live of a dog is quite astounding, especially when it seems that it has no chance. Luckily the guy was there for her.

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