To rescue a swan, a woman goes 23 miles on foot, by car, and by subway

Ariel is a woman who tries to help animals when she sees them. Instead, she needs to step in right away and do everything she can rescue him.

When she noticed a swan, she acted in that manner, which required a quick trip of more than 23 kilometres on foot.

Ariel had intended to spend her 30th birthday evening in the Kingston Bay Nature Preserve in Queens, New York, according to The New York Times.

But then she discovered a bird that stood out among the other creatures. It was a female swan. She was alone and seated on the grass by the water.

There, she rearranged her entire day’s schedule and began working. I’ll do whatever I can to help an animal in need, she replied.

She wondered how she could go to Manhattan’s Lower West Side, where the proper animal rescue facility for such circumstances was situated.

Ariel has five years of experience managing the care of the animals at the Wild Bird Fund treatment center, so she is skilled.

She spent many years rescuing animals, including red-tailed hawks in Manhattan and geese in Prospect Park.

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