Tiny puppy huddled in a shoe until a kind man rescued him and now he is a handsome doggy

For many years, the Serbian volunteer has cared for stray animals, but this situation was unique. During one of his walks, he found a little dog nestled in an old boot.

He resolved to assist him, and as a result, the puppy grew into a joyful, attractive dog.

There was no one to look after the puppy because Mom was not present. Gorn picked him up, fed him, and drove him to the veterinarian’s office.

The man brought the puppy to his home after assisting him.

He quickly recovered and blossomed into a gorgeous puppy after being kept warm and safe and surrounded by love and attention.

The man gave him the nickname Sendi and developed a strong bond with his pet, which he reciprocated.

Sendi is now unrecognizable after a year after the volunteer first noticed him.

He developed into a cute, social, and lively dog.

We are grateful that all the challenges have been left behind for this sweet dog and that he can now enjoy life in safety and comfort thanks to a kind and caring man.

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