Tiny doggy left behind pursues cops and requests to be picked up

After being rescued from the street by two police officers, the little puppy was overjoyed and felt safe.

Merado and Taverra, two dedicated cops, were patrolling the streets of LA when they came upon a little dog.

He was left on the street with no one to look after him. When the puppy saw two police officers, he seemed to believe they could assist him. He was fast to follow them. The two officers realized they couldn’t let go of such a cute little puppy at that point.

They took the puppy and transported it to the car right away. He couldn’t stop hugging and looking adoringly at his rescuers in the car. These cops have a special place in his tiny heart.

The dog was brought to the station.

He was fed and cared for by sympathetic officers, who decided to call him Hagart after the location where they first discovered him.

Officer Merado decided to adopt Hagart because he had already grown connected to him.

He was concerned about making this small puppy happy and providing him with everything he could possibly require.

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