Through a glass door, a senior dog builds the sweetest bond with a tiny child

This ancient dog has seen a lot in his short life. He spent the majority of his

time on the street, tethered to a dog house. And then, out of nowhere, a

group of compassionate individuals intervened to change his fate.

Sheitan, a 12-year-old dog, entered Bridget Hammond’s home at a

respectable age. Only in the home of a kind woman did the animal

understand the meaning of love and care. Adopted kittens are frequently

found in the house looking for a new home.

Sheitan takes on the role of mother to the kittens, curling up into a ball and

allowing them to warm up and sleep next to her. When the dog’s owner

strolled into the living room one day, he discovered a touching scene.

Sheitan was sprawled in front of the glass doors. On the other side of the room, a strange little girl sat. The toddler and the cat were both attentively watching the video on the phone that the girl was holding.

This was such a sweet scene. The pair was completely unaware that a lady had entered the room. Sheitan and the girl sat there for over 30 minutes.

«All she wants is for someone to sit with her,» the dog’s owner explains.

Bridget managed to shoot this scene as a keepsake before the girl’s

parents called her.

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