This white woman has a longer neck like women from indigenous groups

The giraffe woman’s appearance has changed after five years of wearing the rings.

She had a long neck and resembled a different kind of woman. A tribe where women wore rings around their necks is the setting for the story.

Their neck collars became longer as they got older.

She decided to try something new because she wanted the perfect neck. despite the criticism he received from his peers.

In fact, they informed her that she would have difficulty adjusting to her new city. She wore rings for five years because she wanted to see if they made her neck longer.

According to the doctors, when she stretches her neck as an adult, it will appear as she wants it to.

But why does this appear to be a tribe? a tribe he does not belong to, far from his home country. The young woman had a constant desire to stand out from other women.

She did everything she could as a child to avoid looking like her schoolmates.

She believes that her long neck highlights her attractive chest and chin.

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