This puppy was left because he is ‘different,’ but his new humans have accepted him as he is

Pilot the dog is not like many other dogs, and not just because of his fun and loving nature despite the hard times he had early in his life, which makes him different and means he is not sufficiently formed, but his new humans have accepted him as he is.

A mom was returning home from picking up her son from school when she noticed Pilot and his brother walking aimlessly in very bad shape.

She rushed them to the vet, and despite the fact that Pilot’s brother was unable to accompany them, the cute continued, despite his condition.

Pilot is now a happy, loving dog who has found a couple that love him despite his differences.

He learnt to eat on his own and enjoys playing and being cuddled.

After all, it’s safe to assume he had a happy ending.

We are thankful to the woman who found the doggy. This is once again proof that we all are different in our own ways and we are perfect.

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