This kitten with unusual eyes is a rising star, and he is simply the cutest

This adorable kitty has unusual eyes and is extremely endearing.

More than 250 thousand people have actively expressed strong feelings for him. Furthermore, the number of followers is growing all the time.

You could inquire as to why this is so. Indeed, for his enticing face, amusing jokes, and suddenness. He was adopted by his proprietor Raquel about two years ago. He was one year old back then.

Raquel quickly realized she was the one who could bring him back home when she fell head over heels for him from the start.

He is a lively and inquisitive kitty. Washing up is one of his favorite things to do.

He enjoys being the center of attention and is incredibly curious. Raquel declares that he enjoys interruptions: ‘He enjoys the opportunity to knock items off the sink when I’m showering.

He, too, enjoys investigating and squeezing himself into the tiniest of hiding nooks.’ The internet sensation also has his own Facebook and YouTube pages. He’s even got his own fan-made drawing.

Raquel organizes a charity for animals who have run out of options. Raquel had the opportunity to donate $4,000 to the refuge in 2019 through several fundraising crusades.

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