This kitten kept showing up to a police station, so the officers built a comfortable apartment for their new expert

For quite some time, a lost feline has been visiting the police headquarters. Regardless, she came and never left on one occasion. She was nicknamed the ‘police feline’ by the cops.

The Police Department’s group has had an unofficial charm for the past four years: a wandering cat that showed up at their central command one day and never left.

‘We have tried numerous techniques over the years to persuade her to come in from the elements, but she remains adamant,’ an officer wrote on the internet. Nothing seemed to work, so they began constructing her a small house to accommodate her outside lifestyle.

She finally obtained an apartment suite that matched her place in the hearts of the cops.

‘An experienced officer stayed late after work for quite some time carefully building up the feline’s new home,’ the division writes.

‘The house includes a unique design, a large terrace for outdoor dining, and sliding glass entryways with panoramic city views.’

They also stated that the feline has settled in and appears to be really happy with his new personalized cat apartment.

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