This is the sweetest corgi with a funny disposition who loves everyone

When they’re young, they’re all amazing! We must act quickly, as she is now five months old, and the puppy charm will soon be replaced by something else.

Meanwhile, she is the world’s most happy source of tenderness!

The dog is a member of her owner’s household. He looks condescendingly at the idiocy of a petty relative, despite the fact that she is already two years old. When the dog matured and began to perform tricks, her owner decided to start an Instagram account for her.

She loves to play more than anything else. She has a light, responsive personality, but only for a short time. Her youthful playfulness shines through in all she does!

This is most likely why this adorable puppy is swiftly gaining Internet fame — everyone adores her adorable smile! As the owner points out, she just gives the dog general commands and no particular training.

And no one makes her pose for the camera or arranges photo shoots for her to wear. The dog, on the other hand, is constantly seeking attention and climbing into the lens due to her joyful personality. No less than a rising star!

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