This is incredible: Parents are surprised as the 8-week-old infant stands tall

The ‘strongest daughter in the world,’ according to the father’s joke, is due to the fact that Millie, a baby who was born at the end of January, could stand up by the time she was 8 weeks old.

The father and his girlfriend claim that as soon as they left the maternity unit, they recognized the child’s strength.

At only five days old, Millie was capable of supporting the weight of his own head, unlike other infants.

The baby’s father claims that he attempted to sit the infant up when she was about a month old. She simply stood on my lap without folding her legs, refusing to sit up.

She repeated this action several times over the ensuing weeks, and at two months, Millie was able to maintain her own weight on her feet while her father was attempting to hold and support her.

Everyone claims that her ability to maintain herself—even when sitting down, let alone while standing up—is pretty unique, he told The Sun.

Although Millie is still unable to walk, her parents believe she will soon be able to.

Lia’s mom sasy she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up too quickly.

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