This image of a cat wearing shoes made from its own fur is going viral on the internet

No matter how much you clear, vacuum, and wipe, it appears that kitty hair never truly goes, no matter how much you try to get rid of it and no matter how many build up rollers you could acquire.

In all honesty, you can see it roaming all over… on the cracks in your floor, on top of your furniture, and, worst of all, all over your clothes! Some cat owners simply elect to appreciate the shedding for what it’s worth and, on second thought, set out to truly use the falling hair.

For instance, involving it as a material for needle felting! In the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, the needle felting strategy includes more than once sticking an exceptional felting needle into a rolled-up wad of fur that is spread out on a pad or cushion.

Because of the presence of scales on the hair shafts, both canine and feline hair can be felted, and the same felting technique can be applied to their fur as well.

This kitty was perplexed by the gift he received from his owner, but he surely enjoyed it.

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