This horse walks daily for 15 years along the same path her late owner used to ride her on

Every day, this lovely white horse walks through the streets of the city. She doesn’t require any guards or jockeys because she is highly familiar with the area. Jenny was ridden in this manner by her last owner, who passed away.

She had previously only been able to walk with the help of her owner who died at the age of 82. Jenny’s friend, a black horse, died of old age as well.

As a result, the owner’s wife decided to walk the horse in the same manner as the owner did. Jenny has been accompanied on her morning walks since she was a child.

However, her new owner later recognized that she could manage it on her own. The horse is highly comfortable with her natural way and wanders around like any other walker.

Since she was a child, Jenny has been accompanied on her morning walks. The mare’s new owner, on the other hand, soon realized that she could handle it on her own.

Jenny has been let out of the stall every day since then, and she now travels through the city streets happily, following a memorized path.

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