This doggy looks like a toy bear and it is assured that he will win your hearts

Meet Bear, the well-known dog who is presently conquering social media. Undoubtedly, there are many cute canines that we have already seen.

But what sets apart this hairy ball is its teddy bear-like appearance, which frequently leads people to mistake it for a stuffed animal.

He is 6 years old. People often compare him to a cuddly teddy bear because of his excessively fluffy fur and plump features.

His is a canine breed from northern China distinguished by its extremely thick double coat.

The fur is especially thick at the neck, giving it a recognizable mane appearance.

To hug him everytime he gets home from school or job is something that any child or adult would adore having at home.

Instagram is where his owners post the pictures and videos of him.

The idea is to get people to realize that, just like with all dog breeds, what matters is how well humans socialize and treat them well.

Let this fluffy dog convince you that dogs are the cutest pets imaginable if you’re still not convinced. Would you like to have such an awesome dog?

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