This cat lives in a school, and students regard him as their best friend

This beautiful cat lives at a school. When he came to the school as a kitten, children began to feed him and play with him, and as a result, the cat began to visit the school more frequently. The cat was treated for parasites by the school personnel, and the kids began calling him Tombi.

To avoid frightening Tombi, the teachers noted that the children became more calm, careful, and stopped yelling. During the lessons, the animal was really calm. With such a friend, the kids were overjoyed. The arrival of Tombi, on the other hand, did not elicit universal acclaim and acceptance.

Some parents opted to get rid of the cat and filed a complaint with the proper authorities.

Tombi was given to a family as a result of this. The separation from their furry friend caused the children a great deal of distress. He sat by the window in his new home, eating and drinking nothing. Children mourned for him at school.

Seeing the children’s anguish, the educational institution’s management did not remain unmoved, and devised a strategy to restore the cat to its pals. The kitty was formally recognized as a school employee.

He was given a personal file in which they kept immunization and health

certifications, as well as a list of employment obligations. The parents who

filed the complaint issued an official apology to the cat and the entire

school, as well as a collar with a pendant for Tombi.

As a result, a street cat has the largest family and the best job.

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